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Ship Registration Services

ORIENT DANA UAE handle the full registration process and provide registration services for clients, shipowners, yacht owners, builders, and legal advisers wishing to register commercial ships and pleasure boats (yachts) under various Flags.

The Registration Process: (I) Qualifying Vessel (II) Qualifying Ownership (III) Documentation Common Vessel Registration Rules: There are a number of general rules which are common across all types of Ship and Yacht Registration (Full, Interim, Under Construction, Provisional, or Demise Charter), Mortgage Registration, and to related requests such as Vessel Deletion, Transcript of the Register, Inspection of the Register, Priority Notice Recording.

The actual Registration Forms and Supporting Documentation required to be submitted and the Fees paid will of course vary, depending upon the particular transaction being carried-out. We will ensure that the correct forms are completed and that the relevant fees are paid. All vessels registered are required to be marked with its Port of Registry, and IMO or Official Number. ORIENT DANA UAE can handle the entire process from start to finish