About Us


Our services include:

  • Ship Sale and Purchase
  • Ship Demolition
  • Ship Chartering Services (Chartering & Operations)
  • Claims and Insurance Services
  • Ship Registration Services

About Us

Our History ORIENT DANA UAE has been in operation since 2007 as a family business specializing in chartering Buying and selling construction of ships and shipping related projects and services. Generation after generation we have developed our work, our services and our partners in order to service the demands of our valued clients.

The group is built with an amalgam of qualified professionals on board and advanced technology in hand. Our management team with decades of experience in the fields always leads our hordes on the right track to offer you great services. Our proficient and qualified team of employees always assures our clients receive the best services and solutions from our company. In all our services we use the cutting-edge technologies to make sure our customers are receiving the best solutions.

Orient Dana has a rich experience in shipping which includes ship owning, managing, new building and demolition business. The vessels we provide are not only limited to Oil supply tankers, General cargo/ Bulk containers, MPP, Container vessels, Landing crafts, Crew boats and AHTs. The company has deep contacts in European, Turkish, Korean, Chinese, Singapore and Japanese markets and the vessel owners have a lot of faith in us because of the service we deliver to them. Along with the asset of highly qualified and experienced staff, the company is always in a position to provide professional shipping service to customers.

Today our client base covers the United Kingdom and the European Union , North Africa, the Middle East as well as many other places around the world. ORIENT DANA UAE has continued to develop during its history. However, one aspect has not changed and that is our commitment to retaining excellent standards and to deliver quality customer service.

ORIENT DANA UAE achievements


almost 70 years since established in 1950.


on average 60 ships chartered per year.


on average 50 ships inspected per year.


on average 40 ships bought/sold as brokers per year.


on average 30 ships registered per year.


on average 20 ships recycled per year.


on average 10 auctions completed per year.


there are 5 principal area’s of expertise.


there 4 principal offices.


3 offices at commercial ports(Lowestoft,


2 offices in the UK.


there is only ONE Jaohar UK Limited.